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Sales Transaction Report






The sales transactions report shows the details of sales transactions entered into Q6. It can be customised through the report tool bar.

Fields explained in Sales Transaction Report

1.Created: This is the date when the report is generated.

2.As of Date is the end date for the following report range from.

3.Company name and logo will be displayed at right corner, followed with physical company address.

4.ABN: This is the information saved in Company information.

5.Email: This is the information saved in Company information.

6.This report has contained the total receivable amount for Open Invoice and Credit Note, excluding the amount in Quote, Order and Closed Invoice.

7.If there is no transaction, the report will not display.

8.Reference No. :  This is the sales reference no.

9.Transaction Date: this is the date the transaction has been generated.

10.Amount: this is the total amount of the sales transactions. It shows negative number for Credit Note.

11.Amount Due: this is the amount due to be received.

12.Status: it shows the status of Quote, Order, Open Invoice, Credit Note or Closed Invoice.    




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