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Create new Self Managed Super Fund





Steps on how to Create New Self Managed Super Fund


1.Go through Settings > Super Fund List;

2.Click New Super Fund;

3.Select Self Managed Super Fund from Fund Type;



Fields in Create Self Managed Super Fund


1.Fund Type: User may choose from Regulated Super Fund or Self-Managed Super Fund according to employee’s SuperFund settings.

2.Fund Name: User need to enter Fund name manually. 

3.A.B.N: User needs to enter valid ABN in this field, otherwise system warning of  ”Please input valid ABN  number!” will pop up and Super Fund can’t be saved without correct ABN

4.Electronic Service Address: This is the electronic service address for the selected Self Managed Super Fund

5.BSB Number:  Only six digits allowed in this field. This is not mandatory field.

6.Bank Account Number: Only numerical number accept in this field. This is not mandatory field.

7.Fund Email: Valid email format will be checked by system.

8.Fund Phone Number: Valid phone number format will be checked by system.

9.Employer Number: This is the unique number assigned to user’s company by Super Fund Company. This is not mandatory field.

10.Inactive: Once this tick-box has been ticked, user may not be able to find the Employee Group from the list.

11.Save: Save the Employee Group in the list for later selection.

12.Exit: This action would lead user back to the Employee Group List without saving the current one.




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