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Fields in Pay Refund





Fields Explained in Pay Refund


1.Pay From Account:  This is the account where the Refund from.

2.Customer: This is the Customer user will pay Refund to.

3.Date: The date Refund gets paid.

4.Reference No.  It would be auto assigned as a Pay Refund Ref No.

5.Credit Note Amount: this is an uneditable field which will display the original Credit Note total amount.

6.Amount Paid: This is the amount user paid by user, which will auto-load the previous Credit Note amount by default and it can be modified manually. And Amount paid cannot be larger than credit note’s total amount. No negative number would be accepted in this field. If the amount user entered is less than the credit note amount, then this credit note will remain open in the Sales Transaction List, with a transaction appeared in Transaction Journal Disbursements TAB for the said amount. Then if user click the credit note again, the said amount will shown as Amount Paid

7.Memo: it is defaulted to auto load Customer's Name: *** Credit from +Reference NO, but editable for manual input.

8.Save:  Once Save button clicked, the Debit Note will be changed into closed status if the Received Amount equals to Debit Note amount. If not, remain it as  open debit note.




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