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Employee Details








Employee Details covered all information related with employee. User may create new employee, edit employee details and delete employee through different functions under Employee Details.


Employee Detail List


Employee Details List is the general list for all employee, User may take further steps from this page.


Fields explained in Employee Detail List




1.Search: User may search specific employee by entering any one of the letters in Last Name or First name.

2.Last Name & First Name is the name of Employee.

3.Employee Group: User may category the employees with same Pay Period into one Employee Group to set up Batch Pay Run later.

4.Pay Period: This column indicates the pre-set Employee’s pay frequency.

5.New Employee: User may create New Employee by clicking this function.

6.Action: There are four options under Actions


a.Edit Employee: User may Edit Employee by clicking this function or double click the required transaction.

b.Delete Employee: User may Delete Employee by clicking this function if the selected employee is not in connection with any transaction.  

c.Show Inactive Employee: This function would allow all inactive employee to be included in the list.

d.Hide Inactive EmployeeThis function would appear if user has selected Show Inactive Employee.


7.Exit: User would be led back to Dashboard after clicking Exit.




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