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Budget Manager





Budget Manger is to set budget on each account on Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss.  There is no account movement would be generated after budget has been set up.


Fields explained in Budget Manager



1.Budget Manager normally shows two columns as Budget Name and Financial Year by default. However, there would be another column if user click on Actions > Show Inactive Budget.

2.Add Budget: User may create new budget by clicking this button.

3.Actions: There are four options under this button, which are Delete Budget, Make Budget Inactive, Show Inactive Budget and Make Budget Active.

a.Edit Budget: Use may edit the selected budget by clicking this action.

b.Delete Budget: When user select to delete budget, system will ask “Are you sure you want to delete this Budget?”, if click yes, then the selected budget will be deleted.

c.Export Budget: Use may export budget in CSV format by selecting and clicking Export Budget.

d.Make Budget Active: This action will show up only when there is budget been inactivated.

e.Show Inactive Budget: All inactive budgets will display as third column after user clicks this button. User can reverse this action by clicking Show Active Budget.

      4. The latest created budget will show on top of the list.




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