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Import & Export Customer






User in Q6 may import & export Customer List by simply download the CSV template and upload the modified if user has multiple Customer contacts to input. 


By clicking Export Customer from Action button, Q6 will download the Customer list automatically in CSV format.


Steps on how to Import Customer



1.Go to Purchases > Customer Details;

2.Click on Action > Import Customer;

3.Download Customer Template CSV file;

4.Fill the required information without changing the headings, and save as CSV file format;

5.Then upload the completed Customer Template CSV file;

6.Click Import. 



Fields explained in Import Customer



1.Browse: User may click Browse to upload the completed Customer Template.

2.Import:  Once the template has been uploaded, Import function will be activated, and it's just one click away to batch import Customer List for up to 1000 Customer contacts.

3.Close: Clicking Close will lead back to Customer List.

4.Exit: Clicking Exit will lead back to Dashboard.


Tips on Import Customer

1.Do not change the column headings in the template file.

2.All the columns marked with * are compulsory columns, which should not be left blank.

3.We recommend to run a test import of 3-4 Items before importing a large list.

4.A maximum of 1000 Customers can be imported at a time.

5.If an Item already exists in Q6 with the same Customer Name, this will be ignored and not import in the system!

6.Make sure your Account Name, Tax Code, Supplier, Category Name are already exist in Q6 before you do importing Inventories.

7.All numbers input should not be negative numbers.





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