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Multicurrency Invoice




How to issue invoice with Multicurrency


It would be preferred if you setup the currency option first for each customer (Customer list > select Customer > Financial Details), then once you select that customer in Invoice section, the preset currency will show as default.



However, if there is no currency settings preset in Customer, you may still adjsut the currency for each invoice, with the exchange rate manually input against the Home Currency, which is Australian Dollar as default.


Inputing procedure would be as follows.

1.Select Customer from Customer List

2.Select Currency before selecting any inventory item and inputing exchange rate against Home Currency.

3.Then once you select any inventory item presaved in Q6, the selling price will be changed into the selected currency according to the exchange rate inputted.

4.If you select inventory item first before changing the currency and exchange rate, then selling price for each item should be mannually changed accordingly.





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