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Aged Payables Report






Aged Payables report displays the total amount you owe to your suppliers including individual bills, credit notes and overpayments owed by you, and how long these have gone unpaid.


Each supplier that you owe money to will be listed vertically, with the amount listed horizontally based on the time expired between the invoice date and the date specified in the report filter, the title of each column indicating the number of days.


Fields explained in Aged Payables Report


1.Created: This is the date when the report is generated.

2.As of Date is the end date for the following report range from.

3.Company name and logo will be displayed at right corner, followed with physical company address.

4.ABN: This is the information saved in Company information.

5.Email: This is the information saved in Company information.

6.This report has contained the total payable amount for Open Invoice and Debit Note, excluding the amount in Quote, Order and Closed Invoice.

7.If there is no transaction, the report will not display.

8.For example:

a.If user has an open invoice 001 with total amount of $1000 ten days ago, and paid 200 after 5 days, then this report will show $800 for payable within the range of 0-30 days.

b.If user has paid $100 towards a Credit Note of $500 50 days ago, then the amount due in 31-60 would be $400.

9.Total Due equals the sum up of the following periodical amount due.




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