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User Management







Q6 user may set up internal user and external user to take the advantage of sharing the same file in the cloud. Before set up new user from User Management, User Role needs to be assigned first.


How to Create New User


1.Go to Settings > Accounts.

2.Click on User Management.

3.Select New User.

4.Select access options by clicking on Full or Denied option.



Fields explained in User Management

Internal User


1.Login Email: This should be the unique identification for each user to log into Q6.

2.First & Last Name is the name of Login user

3.User Role: This has been pre-set in User Role defining different access level , user may need to select the corresponding User access to control user's authorisation.  

User Role for Subscriber User must be full access with no any denied selection.

4.New Password: This password should be minimum seven characters, which contains at least one letter, one number and one symbol.

5.Confirm New Password: User needs to ensure to confirm the new password with the field above to prevent from input error.


External User

External User can only set by Q6 Administration staff upon user request. However, User can modify each external user's User Role by double clicking the user to control its access level.






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