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Reconciliation Report






This report displays a reconciliation summary and a list of outstanding checks and deposits for the selected checking accounts.

You can display and print a reconciliation report for any account that has been reconciled using the Reconcile Accounts window.

Steps on how to generate and print Reconciliation Report:

1.Go through Transaction > Banking  > Bank Transactions;

2.Select Reconcile Account from Manage Account:

3.Select the account needs Reconciliation Report;

4.Then click Actions, choose Print Reconcile;

5.Reconcile Report will be previewed before printing. User may choose to print, email or export the report.


Fields explained in Reconciliation Report


1.Created: This is the date when the report is generated.

2.As of Date is the end date for the following report range from.

3.Company name and logo will be displayed at right corner, followed with physical company address.

4.ABN: This is the ABN information saved in Company information.

5.Email:This is the Email information saved in Company information.

6.Account: This is the account assigned for this reconciliation report.

7.Bank Statement Date: The date stated on Bank Statement for current reconciliation.

8.Last Reconcile Date:This represents the Bank Statement Date of last Reconciliation.

9.Last Reconcile Balance: This is the balance after last reconciliation, which equals to Total Reconciled Debit minus Total Reconciled Credit.

Report Fields

10.Reference No.:This is the Reference No. for this reconciled transaction.

11.Date: Transaction date as it is.

12.Memo:This is the memo input while the transaction was created.

13.Deposit: This column represents the Debit amount in General Ledger.

14.Withdrawal: This column represents the Credit amount in General Ledger.

15.Cleared Withdrawals: The entire selected (ticked) Credit within this reconciliation would be included under Cleared Withdrawals.

16.Cleared Deposits: The entire selected (ticked) Debit within this reconciliation would be included under Cleared Deposit.

17.Outstanding Withdrawals: The entire un-selected (un-ticked) Credit within this reconciliation would be included under Outstanding Withdrawals.

18.Outstanding Deposit: The entire un-selected (un-ticked) Debit within this reconciliation would be included under Outstanding Deposits.

19.Current Balance on Date DD/MM/YYYY: This is the current value of selected bank accounts by the date of reconciliation as stated, including its value of Opening Balance. .

20.Subtotal equals to Current Balance plus Outstanding Withdrawals .

21.Expected Closing Statement Balance equals to Subtotal minus Outstanding Deposits.




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