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Supplier Details






Supplier is a party that supplies goods or services.



Fields explained in Supplier Details


1.The table will be sort on alphabetic order of Supplier Name, then Last Name.

2.Search: User will be able to find specific supplier by typing in any related letter in Search field, no matter it’s the letter in Supplier Name or First Name, or Last Name.

3.Add Supplier: User may add new supplier by clicking this button.

4.Action: There are three options under Action button, which are Edit Supplier, Delete Supplier, and Show Inactive Supplier.


a.Edit Supplier: Once user has selected a supplier from the list, they can edit this supplier’s detail by clicking this button.

b.Delete Supplier: User can only delete suppliers without transactions related. Otherwise, reminder of “This Supplier has involved in some transactions you cannot delete it!” will pop up.

c.Show Inactive Supplier: After user click this button, all inactive Supplier will be included into the list.

d.Import Supplier:

e.Export Supplier:

5.Exit: By clicking Exit, it will return back to Dashboard.




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