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Pay Superannuation








In the tax year of 2015-2016 Employers have to pay 9.5% superannuation when an employee is paid $450 or more before tax in a month and is over 18 years, or under 18 years and works over 30 hours a week. This is called the superannuation guarantee and applies to full-time and part-time employees and some casual employees.


Fields in Pay Superannuation List


1.Reference No: This is the auto assigned Reference No. for each Pay Superannuation.

2.Date: This is the date that Pay Superannuation was made. 

3.Amount: This is the total Amount for this Pay Superannuation transaction.

4.New Pay Superannuation: User can generate new pay superannuation through this button.

5.Action: Delete Pay Superannuation is the only function under Action as Pay Superannuation can be deleted but not modified.

6.Exit: It would be led back to Dashboard by clicking Exit.




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