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Inventory List Report






The Inventory List Report will show you the Primary Supplier, Average Cost, Quantity On hand and Current Value of selected inventory item or the entire inventory items.  List Reports also includes quick overviews showing all inventory items created in Q6.


Fields explained in Inventory List Report


1.Company Name: Company Name and Logo will stay at top right corner, followed with pre-saved physical address.

2.Created Date is the date this report was generated.

3.ABN: This will be extracted from saved company information.

4.Email: This will be extracted from saved company information.

5.Inventory Name: as saved in the transaction.

6.Primary Supplier: if it has been saved previously in Inventory Details.

7.Average Cost: This is the average cost calculated by system.

8.Qty On Hand: The quantity available for selling.

9.Current Value is equal to Average Cost times Quantity On Hand.

10.Total Value: the total of above Current Value

11.”Created from Q6” will show at bottom left corner.

12.By default the report shows all inventories with more than zero On hand Quantity.

13.However, user can choose to generate the report for specific Inventory Item or Supplier by selecting from top banner




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