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Payroll Timesheet






Payroll Timesheet report contains summary of all the timesheet has been entered in Q6. User may customise the report to each individual employee or group of employees by selecting from the Report toolbar.


Top menu bar

1.Print: User may print out this report as how it shows on screen

2.Page: User may narrow the page range to be shown for different scenarios.

3.Save format: PDF, XLS, RTF, MHT, TXT, IMAGE and CSV file format can be saved

4.From: This is to set the time range for report period.

5.Employee: All Payroll reports in Q6 can be customised for one or more employee.

6.User may choose All Pay Status, Paid, or Not Paid employee for each report

7.Email: User may email the current report directly within Q6, through user's logging email.

Fields explained in Payroll Time Sheets Report          




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