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Pay Run Template





Pay Run Template is designed for user to define wages, Deductions, Tax, Entitlements and Employer Contributions for each employee before Batch Pay Run. All the data input in Pay Run Template will be auto loaded in every Batch Pay Run.



1.Opening Balance Date:  this is the normally the conversion date or the date user prepared to transfer to Q6. Year To Date Report won’t be corrected until user has input correct Opening Balance for each Payroll.  This is a mandatory field if user has entered opening balance in any of the Pay Item. “Please set opening balance date in Pay Run Template!”

2.All the “+” icon are used to add one more record for each pay category. “-” icon at the end of each row is to delete that line of record.

3.Wages: User can select any Pay Item by clicking the   icon, and then enter the opening balance value accordingly.

4.Deductions: All fields in Deductions are defaulted as blank. User may select deduction item applied to the employee accordingly. Negative number should be entered for any minus amount.

5.Tax: All fields in Tax are defaulted as blank. There is only one option of PAYG Withholding available for selection. However, user may define a fixed amount to be deducted in the template.

6.Entitlement: The Opening Balance for Entitlement is defaulted as hours. And this doesn’t come with any account to be connected.

7.Employer Contribution: there are two accounts for employer contribution, one is Liability Account, and the other one is Expense Account.

8.If there is a duplicated Pay Item selected, a warning will pop up once user click Save, which is “You have duplicated pay items in Pay run template! Please delete duplicated one before you can save it”





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