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Fields in Pay Superannuation





Fields explained in New Pay Superannuation



1.Pay From Account: All the account under Bank Account would be available for selection. This is a mandatory field.  Please be kindly noted that in Q6, there is no Electronic Payment for Pay Superannuation transaction, even user has selected Electronic Clearing Account as Pay From Account.

2.Employee Group: User may choose different Employee Group to set up Pay Superannuation. It has been defaulted as all active employees.

3.Super Fund: User can pay superannuation towards one specific Super Fund product. However, this field defaulted as all Super Fund.

4.Reference No. is generated automatically by system starting from PS00000001 (PS means Pay Superannuation), and it’s not amendable.

5.Date is the transaction date of this Pay Superannuation, and it’s a mandatory field.

6.Amount is the sum up amount in this Pay Superannuation.

7.Pay Run Date From is defaulted as the date of 30 days before today, and it must not be later than Pay Run Date To.   

8.Pay Run Date To is defaulted as today’s date.

9.Both Pay Run Date From and Pay Run Date To are to set the time range to display required Pay Run within the range, which both are mandatory fields.

10.Memo is defaulted with Pay Superannuation, while user may amend as per necessity.

11.Table fields

a.Employee Name:  This is the full name of Employee.

b.Pay Run Date is the date Pay Run has been conducted.

c.Pay Item Name: this would be the selected Pay Item related to Superannuation under Pay Run Template.

d.Super Fund: This would be the Super Fund set under Employee Details.

e.Amount is Superannuation amount calculated during Batch Pay Run for each Employee.  

12.Super Stream CSV File will be enabled after the Pay Superannuation has been generated. Once user clicks Super Stream CSV File, the file will be downloaded automatically into Download File under My Document.

13.Save: This would save the Pay Superannuation transaction.

14.At least one employee data line should be selected before saving the Pay Superannuation transaction.  However, any negative amount will not be saved in Pay Superannuation as no algorithm set in Q6 to pay negative amount.




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