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Fields in Batch Pay Run






Fields explained in creating new Batch Pay Run





1.Process all employees by Pay Period is to allow user to generate Batch Pay Run by different Pay Period group, which is defaulted as weekly, user may choose from Fortnightly and Monthly.

2.Process all employees by Employee Group: User may process the Batch Pay Run by different Employee Group where previously defined in Employee Details

3.Process single employee: User may process Batch Pay Run for one specific employee by selecting this option.

4.Payment Date is the date Pay Run posted, which has been defaulted as current day's date.

5.Reference No is system generated number starting with BPR.

6.Pay Period Start & Pay Period End: User may define Pay Run period by setting the Start and the End date, however, system will automatically set as the next Payroll date followed from last processed Pay Run Period.

7.Payment Method: Electronic payment method has been defaulted for every Pay Run. However, it can be manually amended.

8.Pay From Account: BA-1120 Electronic Clearing Account is the default Pay From Account since Electronic payment method was selected by default.

9.Payslip Message: This is the reference message shown on each payslip.

10.Employee Name: Name list for employee who's going to be included in this Pay Run.

11.Total Hours is equal to basic hours plus overtime hours recorded in Time Sheet.

12.Gross Wages is the Taxable wages and salaries paid including any pay-as-you-go (PAYG) withholding amounts or other deductions made by an employer on behalf of an employee. 

13.Tax will be calculated by Q6 based on the most updated calculation formula from ATO based on user selection.

14.Net Pay is the amount one receives after taxes and deductions have been withheld during a pay period.

15.Post Batch Pay Run: Once user click Post Batch Pay Run,

16.Action: There are four actions Actions, which are Add Employee, Reset Pay Run, Email Payslip, Print Payslip.


a.Add Employee: User may add other employee to this Pay Run.

b.Reset Pay Run: This will reset the Pay Run calculation into the original status.

c.Email Payslip would only be enabled if there is an email saved under Employee details

d.Print Payslip: User may print Payslip through this function

e.Save as Draft: Q6 allows user to save partial completed Pay Run as draft in case user cannot complete it in one go. All the calculation won't be saved into system until user click on Post Batch Pay Run. User may resume any saved draft Pay Run from Batch Pay Run list.

17.Download STP CSV file: this is designed for user to download andy STP (Single Touch Payroll) report in CSV file format after each Pay Run. 

18.Send STP to ATO: This is designed for user to send STP (Single Touch Payroll) report directly to ATO, for detail settings about STP, please check Single Touch Payroll in Settings

19.Close: By clicking Close, screen will be led back to Batch Pay Run list.

20.Exit: By clicking Exit, screen will be led back to Dashboard





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