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Multifactor Authentication





Multi-factor Authentication adds another layer of security to your Q6 account.

This is the requirements from ATO for any registered Single Touch Payroll software.

An authenticator APP is required on your phone or other device. Download link is as below.


How to set up Multi-factor Authentication for Internal User (ie. Staff)

• Step 1 – Log into your account with user name and password.

• Step 2 – Select Settings  User Management  Select the internal user you may with to setup Multi-factor Authentication by double click. Then you will find the setup option at the bottom


 Step 3 – By clicking Setup, installing Google Authenticator as per instruction below.


Install an Authenticator app

Download and install the relevant authenticator app for your device:

APP store for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac computers and Windows computers

Google Authenticator for Android devices, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, and BlackBerry devices (Google Accounts Help Center)

Windows Authenticator for Windows Phones (Microsoft Store)

Follow the installation instructions provided for your device to add an account




Step 4 – Once the Authenticator APP into your mobile phone, open the APP, choose the scan bar code function, scan the code in Step 3, then click next. 

Step 5 – Security Questions

If you don't have access to your authentication device for any reason (eg you left your phone at home), you can still log in using a recovery method. You can answer a couple of questions about yourself.

You have to select recovery questions when setting up 2SA. You can use the security questions as the recovery method if you don’t have access to your authentication device.

Answers for each question should be no less than 4 characters.



Step 6 – Once clicking Next from Step 5, Multi-factor Authentication has been enabled. You may disable this function by clicking the disable button as below.


Multi-factor Authentication for External User (ie. Accountant, Bookkeeper)

Setting up for Multi-factor Authentication for External User is slightly different from the one for internal user, which is starting the set up at Company List in stead of User Management.


How does Multi-factor Authentication work?

When you have Multi-factor Authentication enabled you need to use a second method to login to Q6. In addition to your standard Q6 user-name and password, you also have to enter a six-digit code provided by a separate APP on your smart phone, Google Authenticator.

If you don’t have your mobile device available when you need to login to Q6, you will be able to fall back to answering questions you set up when you enabled Multi-factor Authentication in order to gain access to Q6.  The fallback questions should only be used when necessary and not as a regular alternative to the authenticator APP.

In Q6, Multi-factor Authentication was designed for both internal user, such as admin and payroll staff, and external user, such as accountant, bookkeeper. There is slightly difference on setting up the function between internal user and external user





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