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How to send Single Touch Payroll to ATO





Steps on How to send Single Touch Payroll to ATO


Step 1 Run Batch Pay Run as per pay period

Details on how to run a Batch Pay Run, please check Batch Pay Run under Payroll.


Step 2 Send STP to ATO

After posting Batch Pay Run, user may double click the pay run has been posted just now from Pay Run List. Where the red arrow shows that this pay run hasn't been send to ATO yet.



Double click the pay run, recheck the pay run details, then click Send STP to ATO. 


Then it will come with a tick on the Batch Pay Run list for this Pay Run. There are few things about STP to be notified as below.


1.One posted Batch Pay Run only can send one STP report to ATO. If there is a mistake occurred in this posted Batch Pay Run, user may adjust it to the correct one in next Batch Pay Run,  then send STP to ATO, ATO system will take the lated STP report as Year To Date (YTD) figure.

2.Once STP report has been sent to ATO, user may check the sending status under Report > Single Touch Payroll Report







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