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Pay Item List





Pay items are the parts which combined an employee’s salary, which include Wages, Entitlements, Deductions, Employer Contributions and Taxes. The Pay Item list displays a list of all default Pay Items set by Q6.  User may add and remove from the list as per requirements.



Fields explained in Pay Item list

1.Pay Item Name is the name set for each Pay Item which would describe the basic meaning for individual Pay Item.

2.Pay Item Type: There are five types under Pay Item, which are Wages, Entitlements, Deductions, Employer Contribution and Taxes.

3.Add New: User can add new Pay Item by clicking this.

4.Actions: Three options available under Actions.


a.New: User can generate new Pay Items by clicking New.

b.Edit: User can edit existing Pay Items by clicking Edit.

c.Delete: User can delete existing Pay Items by clicking Delete.

d.User may not able to Edit or Delete any Pay Items connected with Employee Payroll Details and Pay Run.


5.Exit button will lead User back to Dashboard.




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