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Print and Email functions are available in QUOTE, ORDER, OPEN BILL, DEBIT NOTE and CLOSED BILL. Once Print button has been clicked , a preview screen will show up for user confirmation.

Fields explained on Print format


1.Company Name: Company Name and Logo will stay at left top corner

2.Status: it shows the current status on the top right corner.

3.Reference No.: as saved in the transaction.

4.Transaction Date: as saved in the transaction

5.Supplier Name and Supplier number: displayed at right top connor.

6.Supplier Address: the previous saved Physical Address will display here.

7.Ship to: this is the address saved for delivery address.

8.Item Name: as saved in the transaction.

9.Description: as saved in the transaction if there is one entered.

10.Quantity: as saved in the transaction.

11.Subtotal: This is the subtotal excluding tax.

12.Total Tax: it is the sum up for tax.

13.Total: this is equal to Subtotal plus Total Tax.

14.Less Amount Paid: this is the total paid amount. Or it is the received refund amount for Debit Note.

15.Amount Due: this is equal to Total minus Amount Paid(or Amount Refund)

16.Due Date: as saved in the transaction if there is one. 

17.”Created from Q6” will show at left bottom corner.




Once user click Email button, the following pop-up shows, and the purchase quote, order or bill will be sent as an attachment.

Fields explained on Email

1.Sender Name: this is defaulted as user name entered for login.

2.From Email: this is defaulted as login email address.

3.If user didn't set up its SMTP Server, then a reminding message will pop up to request to do so before proceed.

4.Settings > Other Settings > Email Server





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