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Create New Supplier




Steps on how to create new supplier

Before creating any quote or purchase order, you may need to setup supplier details. There are two ways to create new supplier, which one of them is to create through supplier list, and the other one is to create new supplier while you are creating new purchase quote, order or

Option 1: Manual inputting through Purchase > Supplier List > Add New. This is better for batch inputting.

1.Go to Transaction > Supplier Details.

2.Click the New Supplier.

3.Enter information into required fields.



Option 2: Inputting while creating a new Quote or Purchase Order or Bill.

1.Under creating new Quote or Order or Bill page, click the , which will open the following screen.

2.Click Add New to add new supplier.

3.Enter information into required fields.

4.Save. Then this supplier will be selected in the field




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