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Fields in New Supplier




Fields explained in Creating New Supplier




1.Supplier Name: This is the only mandatory field for creating new supplier. And this is the unique identity for each supplier. If user entered a repeated name, a reminder of “The Supplier Name already exists. Please Enter a different Supplier Name!” will pop up.

2.Title: There are four options available for selection, which are Mr, Ms, Mrs, and Miss.

3.First Name & Last Name: This is name of Supplier’s contact person.

4.Phone & Fax: Contact numbers for current supplier.

5.Email: User needs to make sure that the email address is in correct format. Otherwise, invalid email address will not be accepted by system.   

6.Memos: Any note for this supplier with maximum 300 segments.


Address Details


1.Same as Physical Address and Same as Postal Address are ticked by default.

          If Same as Physical Address and Same as Postal Address have been ticked, then the Postal Address and Shipping Address will be                     updated automatically based on the changes made to Physical Address, and both of them should not be editable.

2.Physical Address: This is Supplier’s office address or Company Registered office address. 

3.Postal Address: This is Supplier’s Post Address. 

4.Shipping Address: This is Supplier’s delivery address.

5.If user has selected Australia as the origin country, then post code needs to be within the range of 0200-9999.


Financial Details



1.ABN:  It’s the Australian Business Number which contains unique 11 digit number that identifies your business to the government and community.

2.Default Account Settings:  This is the account for Purchase, which is blank by default. Once user clicks  on the right corner of this field, full account list is available for selection, with Expense Account and Other Expense Account on top of the list. The selected account should auto load if user enters any purchase transaction against this supplier for service item.

3.Default Tax Code: This is the GST tax code for this supplier, which is blank by default. The selected tax code should auto load if user enters any purchase transaction against this supplier, no matter what tax code has been assigned to Inventory Item or Account.

4.BSB Number: Six digit numbers are required in this field.

5.Bank Account Number: Only number can be input in this field.

6.Bank Account Name is the name of Account holder.

7.Statement Text should not exceed 18 words.

8.Payment Memos: Reference for this supplier on Payment transaction.

9.Default Due Date: This would enable user to enter the default due date for each customer with the following four options which would be automatically loaded when generating purchase transactions.

a.of the following month

b.days after the invoice date after the end of the invoice month

d.of the current month


Modify and Delete Supplier

You can always go back to Supplier List under Purchase Module to modify and delete selected supplier.






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