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Transfer Money





Transfer Money in Q6 is used to transfer between company’s own Bank Accounts.

Steps on how to Transfer Money

1.Go through Transactions > Banking > Bank Transactions;

2.Click Manage Account and select Transfer Money;

3.Fill the information;



Fields explained in Transfer Money



1.Ref No.: This is unique number generated by Q6, which is a read only field.

2.Date: It’s today’s date by default. User may modify it manually if necessary.

3.Transfer Money from & Transfer Money To: only Bank Accounts would be available for selection for Transfer Money, which both of the fields are mandatory with warning reminder of “Your Transfer From Account and Transfer To Account must been both selected!”

          Debit                    Transfer to Account

          Credit                    Transfer from account

4.Amount: None zero positive number is acceptable in this field. Otherwise, reminder of “The Amount of this transfer should be greater than zero!” will pop up. 

5.After save, Transfer Money would be included under Disbursements TAB in General Ledger.

6.Memo: User may input key words for reference on current transfer.




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