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Reconcile History





Reconcile History List



1.Account: Only Bank Account could be reconciled in Q6. User may need to specify one individual bank account first, and then                     proceed with Reconcile Account.


Reconcile History

1.Reference No.: This is the unique reference number assigned by system.

2.Reconcile Date: This is the date when user has conducted reconciliation on account.

3.Bank Statement Date: This is the date stated on the Bank Statement for each of bank reconciliation.

4.Reconcile History list is sorted by the order of Bank Statement Date.


Right Menu Bar

1.Reconcile Account: User may need to select a bank account first, then click on reconcile account to open reconciliation page.

2.Actions: There are two functions under Actions, which are Undo Reconciliation and Print Reconciliation. User need to select one track from Reconcile history List, and then choose one action.


a.Undo Reconcile: This action will only undo the reconciliation without deleting the reconciled transaction, which will be back to unreconciled status. Undo Reconciliation “Are you sure you want to undo this reconciliation?”

b.Print Reconcile: User may print Reconciliation Report by clicking this button. And every time user conducted Reconcile Account, it will pop out reminder of “Do you want to print Reconcile Report?” to print the Reconciliation Report.

c.Import & Match Statement:

3.User may review each bank reconcile details by double clicking each reconcile history, which is read only. 

4.Exit: This will allow user to jump back to Dashboard.







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