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Company Information




Before user set up accounts, Company Settings is the first step to start. User may find out that Q6’s Company Settings is one of the simplest and most straightforward settings comparing all the other accounting software.


Steps on how to set up Company Information

1.Select Settings from the Dashboard

2.Click on Settings;

3.Then select Company Information

4.Fill the required information;



Fields explained in Company Settings


1.Base Information: all the fields under this section are pretty much straightforward. Therefore, user may need to fill the field based on the information on hand. And system will check the correction of ABN algorithm; it won’t be saved if it’s in wrong format.

2.Address Details: Country and State List has been pre-saved in Q6, user only need to select the right one as per actual status. Both Same as Physical Address and Same as Postal Address have been selected by default.

3.Financial Settings:

a.Last Month of Financial Year: this has been defaulted as June of current financial year.

b.Last Month of Payroll Year: this has been defaulted as June of current financial year.

c.GST Accounting Method: this has been defaulted as Accrual Basis. Cash Basis is available for selection.




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