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Create Journal Entry






Steps on how to Create Journal Entry


1.Go to Settings >  Company Settings > Journal Entry ;

2.Click Add New Journal Entry;

3.Fill the required information;




Field explained in Creating Journal Entry




1.General Journal Reference:  This is auto-generated unique reference number for each Journal Entry.

2.Date: the date Journal was created.

3.Memo: Default format is General Journal: Reference No.

4.Tax Inclusive: This is the same field as the other tax inclusive tick box.

5.Account: Complete Account list will be available for selection. This is a mandatory field if any amount has been inputed. Otherwise, reminder of “Please choose a account for your account amount!”

6.Description: User may input the reason or any other reference point into description.

7.Tax: This is not a mandatory field.

8.Debit & Credit: Debit Amount & Credit Amount only accepts positive numbers with maximum two decimal places.

9.Subtotal: Sum amount before tax.

10.Tax Total: contains Debit Tax Total and Credit Tax Total,

11.Total Amount: Total Debit Amount must be equal to Total Credit Amount. Otherwise, Journal won’t be saved.

12.Uploading File: User can upload one related document to be attached to the journal entry with no more than 2MB size. Formats such as PDF, TIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, are accepted in Uploading Files. Once uploaded, user may download, pop up, enlarge, and unlink the uploaded document through the small buttons beside the file.




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