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Scenario 5 in Inventory Adjustment




Scenario 5             Increasing the total value without changing the Quantity On Hand.


This inventory adjustment increases the total value of the items on hand by $120 but does not change the number of items on hand. The average cost of the items will increase as a result of this adjustment.

1.Picture below is the selected inventory detail before transaction with Average cost $1.8182.


2.User input $200 into Amount column with no quantity changes in Inventory Adjustment.




3.Transaction generated appeared in General Ledger.




4.In the Inventory Transaction list, there is a transaction.




5.Below is the inventory detail after Inventory Adjustment.




          Quantity on hand not changed.

          Current value = 181.82 +120 = 301.82

          Average cost = 301.82 / 100 = 3.0182 






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