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Build Inventory




Building items is the process of making a finished item by transferring quantities and values from the component items (such as raw materials) to the finished item.


Steps on how to create Build Inventory


1.Go through Inventory > Inventory Transactions

1.Click New Build Inventory;

1.Fill the required information;

1.Save. Then this inventory will appear in the Inventory List and transactions shows in Inventory Transactions List.


Basic rules for setting up Build Inventory


Rule 1: User needs to make sure there is enough quantity on hand of component inventory to be deducted from.

Rule 2: User needs to make sure the value entered for component inventory does not exceed the current value.

Rule 3: User needs to input positive quantity for Build Inventory on creating a new inventory by composed material or negative quantity for disassemble the built inventory into separate inventories. The quantity in Build Inventory and Composed Inventory should be in contrary to each other, which one is positive number; the other should be negative number.

If the amount in Composed Inventory is negative, system will pop up warning for unbalanced Out of Balance and exceeding current value of each item.  The Build Inventory transaction won’t be saved until user has corrected the error with reminder “you don’t have enough quantity for “Item Name” to be reduced!”

Build Inventory page has been designed to be divided into two parts. The upper section is designed for information on Build Item. The bottom half is for the Component Inventory selection. Build one item only each transaction.




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