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Import & Match Statement





It is easier and quicker in Q6 to reconcile Bank Account by importing bank statement and matching up with Bank Statement through Bank Rules.


Steps on how to Import and Match Statement


1.          Go through Transactions > Banking > Bank Transactions;

2.Click Manage Account > Reconcile Account; 

3.Then select Action > Import & Match Statement.


Fields explained in Import Bank Statement



1.Bank Account: User need to select the account corresponding to the import bank statement.

2.Your Bank Statement transactions from your bank: User may input the route manually or click Browse to locate the Bank Statement.

3.Your Bank Statement transactions from Q6: Only CSV File would be accepted in Q6 importing function.

4.Actions: It has bee ticked by default. However, user may un-tick the box if there is no header row in CSV file.


a.Apply Rules: Once the Bank Statement has been imported , Q6 will automatically generate Spend Money or Receive Money transactions by clicking Apply Rules.

b.Manage Bank Rules: User may create or delete Bank Rules under Manage Bank Rules.

c.Spend Money: From time to time, User may need to create Spend Money transactions while conducting Bank Reconciliation.

d.Receive Money: From time to time, User may need to create Receive Money transactions while conducting Bank Reconciliation.

e.Delete Statement: User may delete any imported Bank Statement in case it is not the right one.


5.Close: By clicking Close, the page will return back to the previous.

6.Exit: User would be led back to Dashboard after clicking Exit.




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