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How to set up Single Touch Payroll





Steps on How to set up Single Touch Payroll


Step 1 Setting up Connection with ATO


After updading with ATO DPO settings on Single Touch Payroll, clients in Q6 will no need to ring ATO to get connection set up with Q6. What client needs to complete their first Single Touch Payroll is to act on the following steps.


Step 2 Setting up within Q6

1.Ensure Company ABN in Company Information is correct.

2.Complete Payroll Admin Details.

3.Pay Item Settings is required to set up STP ready within Q6, any pay item needs to be included in the STP report to ATO should be selected under ATO STP Reporting Category.

4.Employee TFN checking is to ensure each employee encrypt with correct Tax File Number (TFN)as it is the identity for ATO. ATO requires each employee must match with one TFN, for details TFN checks to please check  Employee TFN Settings

5.Then 80% settings in Q6 have done.  User need to go through route Settings > Single Touch Payroll > Check Payroll Details. If any of the above settings are not correct, once user has clicked Check Payroll Details, Q6 system will auto check all the relevant requirements, and list down unqualified settings for user to action further. Once the list has all amended, and cleared all the errors, user may continue on Batch Payrun and send to ATO through STP.







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