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How to create New Pay Superannuation





Here's the things you may need to prepare before conducting Pay Superannuation in Q6.


1.Go to Settings > Pay Item List, make sure that there is correct Superannuation Pay Item created in Employer Contributions, Superannuation Guarantee Contribution has been defaulted as the government required Super, where the rate will be adjusted by Q6 staff from the beginning of each financial year.

2.Then set up Super fund in Settings > Super Fund List as required. 

3.Fill the contact person's detail in Settings > Super Admin Details.

4.Make sure each employee with individual Super fund membership number in Employee Details.

5.Once you run Batch Pay Run, then the entitled Superannuation will show in the Pay Superannuation list.


Steps on how to create new Pay Superannuation


1.Go to Payroll > Pay Superannuation;

2.Click New Pay Superannuation;

3.Select Pay From Account and pick the superannuation set by previous Batch Pay Run;

4.Then click Save to complete Pay Superannuation, and click Super Stream CSV File to generate Standard Super Stream file for Super Fund company or clearing house.




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