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Getting Started





Get Started using Q6


Using Q6 is simple and straightforward. You may be few clicks away from starting using Q6. Full online help is always available from the question mark on top right hand corner. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have encountered any issue while using Q6.


Setting up Company Financial Settings and Chart of Accounts

Importing Inventory List up to 1000 inventories in one batch and set up opening balance

Importing Customer List and Supplier List in batch with provided template

Generating Purchase or sales orders and bills

Money In and Money Out Bank transactions with detailed reconciliation

Single Touch Payroll whitelisted by ATO

Job Keeper Payment direct sending to ATO

Customizable Payslip

Pay Register Summary for Payroll Agent

Looking into Help File list and also find help on each page



Q6 system requirements



You don't need to install Q6 into any of your devices, in contrary, you can access Q6 through most of the browsers pre-installed in your device, which including the following supported browsers:


Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox



Use this page to find out what browser and system settings you need to be able to log in to Q6, and what else you should do to get the best out of Q6.


Use our troubleshooting guide if you already use Q6 and are having browser or connection issues.

To be able to use Q6, do these things before you start:

Check you're using one of these supported browsers:








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